Minute Flag

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Minute Flag at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Nikolaas of Shinjiru Ga Mama Ni
Member crew(s) Shinjiru Ga Mama Ni
Dormant or disbanded as of 2 September, 2006

Minute Flag is a flag on the Sage Ocean. It was founded by Nikolaas on May 11th, 2006, for the purpose of starting the mostly RP based war with the Tiny Flag 'Minute' being pronounced and defined identically to the same English word meaning "Small, or Tiny".


The primary purpose of the flag was to enable the Malignant Marionettes to declare war on the Perilous Puppets. Not surprisingly, immediately following inception of the flag, Minute Flag and Tiny Flag went to war with each other.

String Wars

The String Wars, between the Tiny Flag, and Minute Flag, is a currently ongoing Roleplay, and event based war, 'founded' by Tilinka, and Nikolaas, in hopes to add a little more life to Sage.