March 2018 promotion

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Spring Green Box Promotion

During the Spring Green Promotion, players will receive a "mystery gift" with purchases of $9.99 or more made between 10 AM PST March 09, 2018 and 3 PM PST March 19, 2018. This promotion is open to players using whichever payment method they prefer (including credit card, Paypal, Paymentwall and even mailed check!). Purchases of either doubloons or subscription during the promotion period are eligible. You can be certain that your purchase qualifies if an image of an Spring Green Box shows up next to your chosen package on the subscription or doubloon billing page when you go to make your purchase.

Your mystery gift will be redeemable on any one pirate associated with your account. If you made your qualifying purchase while logged in to the game, you may need to log out and back on again for it to appear. Available mystery gift items include...

  • "Spring Simian" (Spring Green Monkey)
  • "Vernal Parrot (Spring Green / Emerald)
  • Emerald Tiger (Emerald Body, Deep Green Stripes)
  • Brown Sea Otter
  • Spring Green and Emerald -Painted War Brig
  • Spring Green and Emerald-Painted Sloop Mark II
  • Seasonally colored clothing, trinkets, and furniture.

Clothing rewards do NOT include rags and are of Good quality or better.

In addition to the mystery gift, every participant of the Spring Green Box Promotion will also receive a commemorative " Blossoming Banner" trophy!

About Spring Green

Spring Green is a special seasonal item color that will not be available for general sale from Tailors or other in-game shoppes. It is available in this promotion as a familiar color, as the color of all the clothing prizes, as the primary and/or secondary color of the furniture prizes, as the color of the ship prizes, as the color of the trinket prizes and as a special chroma item.

About Chromas

Chromas are items that are carried in the Miscellaneous section of your Booty panel. They can be used to permanently change the primary or secondary color of any existing piece of clothing, except the Savvy Hat and any clothing item that lacks color options.

Promotion Details

  • Purchases must be made between 10 AM PST March 09, 2018 and 3 PM PST March 19, 2018 to be eligible.
  • Each purchase of $9.99 or greater is eligible. Smaller purchases cannot be combined to meet this limit.
  • Purchasing a doubloon package larger than $9.99 will earn you multiple mystery gifts, at the rate of 1 mystery gift for every $9.99 spent.



  • It is important to note that some Paypal payment options can take several days to clear. All purchases must clear during the promotion period for them to be eligible for mystery gifts. If the payment clears after the promotion period, you will not receive a mystery box. Bank transfers and eChecks are the most common form of "delayed" payment.

Checks & Money Orders

Checks and Money Order purchases must be issued by US banks and received before the last day of the promotion, March 19, 2018, in order to be eligible for a mystery gift.

Collecting Your Mystery Gift

Your bonus item can be collected in-game by logging in and viewing the "Ahoy" panel on the pirate with which you would like to receive the gift.

Mystery Gift Distribution and Value

All eligible purchases will receive a bonus item but the distribution is arbitrary, regardless of the amount of the transaction or the frequency with which purchases are made. The probability of receiving a specific item is always the same, regardless of how many purchases you make during the promotional period.

The distribution of probabilities for various mystery gifts will be as follows:

  • 0.1% - "Spring Simian" (Spring Green Monkey)
  • 0.2% - "Vernal Parrot (Spring Green / Emerald)
  • 0.5% - Tan Octopus, Tan Monkey, or Tan Raven
  • 2% - Emerald Tiger (Emerald Body, Deep Green Stripes)
  • 2.5% - Brown Sea Otter
  • 1.2% - Spring Green and Emerald-Painted War Brig
  • 1.5% - Spring Green and Emerald-Painted Sloop Mark II
  • 4% - Spring Green and Emerald Furniture
    • Leprechaun Display (emerald)
    • Spiral Stone (emerald)
    • Daffodil Barrel (spring green or emerald)
    • Vase with Wildflowers (spring green or emerald)
    • Pot of Gold (spring green or emerald)
    • Planter of Wildflowers (spring green or emerald)
    • Candelabra (lit - spring green or emerald)
    • Painted Chest (large, closed - spring green or emerald)
    • Celtic Captain's Chair (emerald / spring green)
    • Celtic Crewman's Chair (emerald / spring green)
    • Pirate Bed (emerald / spring green)
    • Celtic tapestry (emerald / spring green)
    • Verdant Tapestry (emerald / spring green)
    • Pirate Flag (recolorable - emerald / spring green)
    • Crossed Swords (recolorable - emerald / spring green)
    • Decorative Cannon (medium - emerald / spring green)
    • Powder bag (powder, recolorable - emerald / spring green)
  • 6% - Limited Edition Furniture:
    • Celtic Instruments
    • Shamrock Planter
    • Daffodil planter
  • 7% - Emerald Chroma
  • 7% - Spring Green Chroma
  • 10% - Spring Green Trinket
  • 10% - Emerald Trinket
  • 24% - Spring Green Clothing
  • 24% - Emerald Clothing

Clothing rewards do NOT include rags and are of Good quality or better.

Grey Havens, LLC offers no substitutions for these items. These items are offered as a bonus to doubloon and subscription purchases and have no cash or redemption value with Grey Havens and cannot be returned for a discount.

If you are unable to retrieve your mystery gift or have any questions, please contact us through the Support Form so we can resolve the problem.

* The Spring Green Painted ship items will be bestowed as a "sealed deed" item which can be used from your pirate's inventory to cause the prize ship's deed to appear. The prize ship will be docked at your home island. Spring Green Painted ships are standard ships, and thus do not have a special "Limited Edition" icon on their dock/vessel image.