Midsummer (Cerulean)

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Favicon.png Midsummer on the Cerulean Ocean
Medium island in the Ruby Archipelago
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Controlled by   Because I Can  
Governed by   Fedorov
Navy color   Grey
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Damned Spot
Outpost Medium Large
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Midsummer is a medium island located in the Ruby Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Cranberry Island and Olivia Isle.

Natural resources

This island spawns hemp and nettle.


The buildings of Midsummer carry a Shakespeare-based theme, as its name was seen as a reference to "A Midsummer Night's Dream", complete with a "fairy ring" of stones in the center.

Get Thee To A Rummery (bazaar)
Shakespeare Brews
The Globe (right-facing mansion)
My Kingdom For A House (left-facing townhouse)
Titania's Bower (left-facing cottage)
The Boar's Head Tavern
Dusted buildings
Pound Of Flesh (black market)
Pound of Flesh (black market)


Midsummer was selected to open for blockade by the winner of the Eclipse V event blockade.

Midsummer I — 2006-11-18, Marauders Pact colonized Midsummer after a 3 round blockade with no other contestants. Midsummer is generally held in high esteem as one of the few remaining "natural" islands on Midnight, and as a consequence when opened was hotly contested not just by those who wished to own and construct upon it, but also by those who desired to maintain this "natural beauty" and construct the absolute minimum, if anything at all. As such, Marauders Pact promised as a part of their intent post not to construct anything but a fort on the island, and so far have held true to this statement. When it became evident that it was not necessary to construct a fort on the island in order to retain commodity spawns following colonisation, Marauders Pact resolved to keep the island completely free of buildings, as originally desired.

Midsummer II — 2007-09-01, Poker Poe blockaded the island, but withdrew after the first round. The blockade was halted by the Ocean Masters halfway through round 2.

Midsummer III — 2008-06-01, Marauders Pact successfully defended the island from contenders, Yergma.

Midsummer IV — 2008-11-08, Riot blockaded the island with the intention of creating a Shakespeare-themed island. Riot defeated Marauders Pact in three rounds to take control of the island. In order to preserve the island's natural beauty, Riot pledged not to move a single rock or tree, instead only building in places where the buildings would blend in.

Midsummer V — 2010-03-21, Crimson Tide defeated Riot in three rounds to take control of the island. While not making any specific pledges at the time of the blockade regarding future development of the island, Crimson Tide did vow to maintain Pound of Flesh, the black market located on the island, and the governor, Lazylubber, stated that there were no intentions to add additional buildings for the foreseeable future. A small dog, Damned Spot, was added to the island. In November 2010, Lazylubber stepped down and was succeeded as governor by Confess.

Midsummer VI — 2011-5-14, Crimson Tide successfully defended the island against Brigand King Azarbad the Great.

Midsummer VII — 2012-7-14 The first blockade of Midsummer on the Cerulean Ocean, Crimson Tide successfully defended against Tyranny.