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The Cobalt Ocean will be celebrating Lime Day on the 16th of every month!

Check out a tournament board for plenty of tournaments celebrating Lime Day.

Why Lime Day? Why not?


The first Lime Day was celebrated in December 2007 and saw lots of tournaments created with prizes ranging from clothing (in lime), Santa hats, crates o' limes, bunks (lime), trinkets (starfish, sand dollars, candy canes), wrapped presents, plenty of cards (plain and exotic), a pig, a throne and a sloop painted lime!

December's Lime Day featured one tournament posted by an Ocean Master, while January's had several OM-created tournaments, along with the appearance of Luckysun and Luckymoon taking challenges on the Dragon's Nest docks and giving away lime prizes.

January's Lime Day while continuing the tradition with plenty of tournaments also included a pillage put on by Sourlime and his crew Play Things and a trip to Limolantis by Av, Livngdedgirl and the crew Stark Raving Mad. This months tournaments had a wide range of prizes that included a couple of sloops (one named Lime-Like Lime), sofas, bludgeons, swords, mugs, lots of clothes and trinkets, even including a Cephalopod doll.

While Lime Day was created by Stevensam, it's success is due to the creators of the tourneys including Baldo, Bigwood, Bloodworthy, Boggybloo, Cedarwings, Fireangel, Hollyberry, Ivdripper, Jaed, Lannister, Phour, Piratejanee, Stevensam, Taranis, and many other pirates.

In possibly an un-related coincidence, on August 2008's Lime Day, all of the Puzzle Competitions for the Festival of Piracy 2008 Included lime medals and lime prizes, which included a tan/lime parrot, lime/lime fancy sink, lime/lime fireplace, lime ship wheel, and more.

September 2008's Lime Day saw Luckysun on the docks of Dragon's Nest giving out more prizes through challenges.

Lime Day Events

Winning entry of the art contest by Sandiibottom

Aside from the general planning and announcement threads posted for every Lime Day, there have also been special events posted on the forums!

Spin-offs on other oceans