Legendary Dragons

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Legendary Dragons
Left-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Napi Peak (Garnet Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Owner Saintmistery
Erected October 4, 2009
Dusted Date unknown
Building-Meridian-Legendary Dragons.png

Legendary Dragons was an iron monger shoppe on Napi Peak on the Meridian Ocean. The building was originally named Amazin' Arty Anvils when it was built on October 4, 2009. It was named for its owner, Adrielle, who is also known as Amazinad, and is an artist. The building was sold by Adrielle to Whitehaze in August, 2011. It was later sold by Whitehaze to Casteless in January 2012. It was then sold again to Saintmistery and renamed.

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