Just for Fun

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Just for Fun at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Aurorakim
Senior Officer(s) Arkillza, Blixhero, Blueskye, Bumblees, Bunnylaroo, Kracken, Magickirby, Omegademon, Quesi, Ravenwings, Sharpensword-West, Slipperylips, Snoromyxo, Sorak, Trigunn, Viridia, Virp, Wasabo
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Midknight Sun
Founded 13 November, 2008
Last updated on 21 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Just for Fun is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean formerly of Sage. The crew currently flies the flag of Midknight Sun.

Public Statement

Long Live Fun!

Extended Statement

Our Crew Hall is at Barbary (Source Hall) Our Flag Hall is at Admiral (Sin City)

We like to CI, Pilly, SMH, and support our flag activities. Monday Mayhem is our specialty!

News from the Governor's Desk

As of 6/13/10

Midknight Sun welcomes you to Wissamabacon <3

As responsible island owners, we have placed several pigs around the island - please look for them if they don't find you first. We've lowered the island taxes down to 30% and begun making adjustments to the commodity prices in support of fair trade practices. More price adjustments will follow as we get the palace stocked up. If you have questions or concerns, the ship supplies are low, or you need help with charting to/from Wissamabacon, please talk to myself or any royal of Midknight Sun. - Aurorakim, Governor

General Rank Requirements

  • Pirates: Ye will be joined as Pirate! Arrr!
  • Officers: Mates, just because ye own a ship doesn't mean ye know how to use it. The duty puzzles are bilge/sails/rig/carp/dnav/bnav/guns. Ye should have broad experience + distinguished standing in 3 of them plus a basic understanding of how to run a pilly, and not be afraid to bnav or gun.
  • Fleet officers: Officer requirements + trust! Ye must have the ability to properly run a pilly start to finish. We do not condone cheating or stealing, thus we do not promote to Fleet Officer (regardless of stat) without ye being well trusted by the Captain and Senior Officers.
  • Senior officers/Captain: Our SO's have voting rights in the running of the crew. Additional SO's are by a majority vote of the SO's and the Captain, and will be considered as our crew continues to grow.