Jobbing notice

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A commanding officer or CO, while on a ship, can place a jobbing notice on the notice board by clicking the "Hiring Jobbers" tick box. Doing so lets potential jobbers see that the crew is hiring, as well as which ship the hiring is being done from, and what the booty split and ship restocking cut are. It also gives a link to the crew's info page. A short optional message from the CO can be displayed on the board, sometimes offering further details of the voyage. Jobbing pirates may then apply to the offer, and are whisked about the ship if their application is accepted.

The jobbing notice automatically disappears once the ship is full. It is also temporarily taken down when the ship is in battle, and restored once the battle is finished (and cannot be toggled during a battle). The jobbing notice remains during the pursuit stage of a sea battle, although pirates can not board the ship during this stage.

Jobbing etiquette

A commanding officer may sometimes accept a jobbing application in a situation where it is not possible for pirates to board—for instance when the ship is full, or after it has entered battle. Many crews consider this bad form, since the only result is to waste jobbers' time. Some crews also discourage the hiring of jobbers with an intent to port immediately afterwards, for the same reason.

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