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Jamesdoom sails the Midnight Ocean.


Jamesdoom began his career in December of 2004, after being washed ashore the docks of Cnossos Island. After spending a short amount of time in the crew Vampyromaniacs, he was recruited to join Templars. It was here he met his longtime friend, Ianthekorean.

Following some political shakeups involving Templars and their flag, Elysian Fields, Jamesdoom decided to forever turn his back on conventional politics and join Hell Fire For Hire, of the flag Notorious Fandango. It was with Hell Fire For Hire that he found his niche in the game: pillaging, blockades, and PvP.

In July of 2006, Jamesdoom realized Fandango was not where his heart was, and left to create a one-person crew, Empires Fall. Slowly but surely, pirates from various places began joining the crew, and before long Empires Fall had reached eminent fame. Realizing other crews in the ocean wanted something different out of the game, Jamesdoom founded the flag Blighted in August. After making Blighted one of the most successful flags on Midnight, he decided to become an independent pirate and experience life in various other crews and flags, between periods of being crewless. He is always willing to share what he knows about blockades and other game mechanics, especially to newer flags and crews.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Served as admiral for Elysian Fields in the following blockades: Frond I, Ostreum VIII (2-0)
  • Served as admiral for Blighted in the following blockades: Meke IX, Gaea VI (1-1)
  • Served as admiral for Avast Party People in the following blockade: Orca XI (1-0)
  • Served as admiral for Dies Irae in the following blockade: Spring VIII (1-0)
  • Overall win/loss record as admiral: 5-1
  • Served as vice-admiral for Candy Coated Chaos in the following blockade: Wissahickon V (1-0)
  • Navigated a war brig or war frig in the following blockades: Ostreum V, Ostreum VI, Jorvik XII, Endurance IV, Vernal I, Winter IV, Meke VI, Orca VII, Meke IX, Eta VII, Scrimshaw I, Nu VI, Ostreum IX, Ostreum X, Hephaestus' Forge IV, Guava VIII, Xi III, Doyle I, Jorvik XV, Oyster V, Iocane II, Cranberry VII, Nu VII, Nu VIII, Luthien IV, Zeta VII, Spring IX.
  • Former captain and founder of the crew Empires Fall.
  • Founder and former king of the flag Blighted.
  • Former first mate of Hell Fire For Hire.
  • As of April 1st, 2007, Jamesdoom has obtained all three injuries (eye patch, hook, and peg leg).
  • Has never purchased a single piece of black clothing.
  • Personally challenged Admiral Finius to attack Oyster after the introduction of Brigand King blockades. Soon after, Vargas The Mad dropped a chest on Oyster, and as a result Blighted hosted the first ever successful Brigand King defense on any Puzzle Pirate server.