Hydra's Rampage

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Hydra's Rampage at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Bellzie
Senior Officer(s) Billious, Bonehauler, Captsalty, Confusa, Demonhell, Drillz, Hrhamanda, Ishotwonder, Itscrazybruh, Longshot, Migt,Octofina,Okelydokely. Relloo, Scootysweep, Sugerxx, Tzdarkclaw, Ultionem
Politics Autocratic
Shares 88% Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Aphrodite's Scorn
Founded 14 March, 2012
Last updated on 15 August, 2012
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Hydra's Rampage is a crew in the Meridian Ocean. Hydra's Rampage is also the founding crew of the Meridian Ocean's Finest flag, Aphrodite's Scorn

An overview of Hydra's Rampage.

Hydra's Rampage was founded by Bellzie on the 14th of March, 2012. The crew currently consists of a Captain and 15 Senior officers. The crew has had multiple crews merge into Hydra's Rampage, crews such as Conquering Rome and Super Kill. Hydra's Rampage is an active crew which regularly pillages and runs sea monster hunts, whether they're simple Cursed Isles trips, or a trip to the spooky Haunted Seas!

Private statement


Cabin Person: Starting Rank

Pirate: Yellow Name

Officer: Must have broad experience in Carpentry, Sailing, Bilging, and Gunning. You must have the Battle Navigation mission unlocked with the navy and have practiced several times. Once this is done, ask a Senior Officer to go on a training pillage.

Fleet Officer: Must show that you are helpful to the crew, have quality stats and are trustworthy. Once you’ve been in the crew for a while, and have proven the above, you will be considered for FO.

Senior Officer: This position is based solely on trust. These officers act as the captain in the captain’s absence. These officers are hand picked by the captain.

Always ask permission to board any vessel!

Crew Achievements

Achieved #2 spot on the Meridian Ocean's crew fame list

Achieved Illustrious magnate reputation

Achieved Illustrious explorer reputation

Involvement in the flag

Hydra's Rampage is the foundation of the flag Aphrodite's Scorn. Bellzie {Captain of Hydra's Rampage) Is also the Monarch of the flag Aphrodite's Scorn. Hydra's Rampage also includes a fair ratio of royal flag members relative to other crews, as Hydra's Rampage contains 4 of 8 Royals, more royals than any crew in the flag!