Henry Morgans Hell Fleet

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Henry Morgans Hell Fleet at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Timbershell
Senior Officer(s) Bladedog Capnclegg Crewmember Davidvds Dunkanoe Greensoto Jokings Laim Myneer Sadopie Sterlingmoss Sullyman Theundead Wynchestary Xa
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation THE FINE DEAD
Founded 7 April, 2006
Last updated on 17 March, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Henry Morgans Hell Fleet is a crew on the Meridian Ocean in the flag THE FINE DEAD.


Henry Morgan was an old pirate Captain and we're here to honor his bad name. His crew was first seen at the sea 5 years ago by an small fishing boat trawling for tuna in the middle of the Meridian Sea, at first they thought it was a mirage but then the wind picked up it began to rain and almighty growl of thunder rattled through the little fishing boats sails. It was the legendary Grand Frigate of Captain Henry Morgan himself. A shot was fired out of nowhere, then another until the fishing boat was sunk and all that was left was planks of wood and rubble, luckily the captain of the fishing boat escape by floating ashore on a table which he once wrote captain logs on. Many years passed and the old fishing captain never forgot his past and told many folk of the tale of Henry Morgan. You can ,on this day still ,find the fishing captain sailing across the ocean sharing many tales of his adventures and the story of Henry Morgan. The fishing captain goes by the name of Timbershell and is feared.

Public statement

Welcome to "Henry Morgans Hell Fleet"!! Join us inn this adventure we call life. At our biggest we was 200 members with the same Captain and many new officers.

Since Puzzle Pirates started up Henry Morgans Hell Fleet has being a part of the game, Moeffe started its up together with Timbershell. Timbershell has allways being and still are the Captain of the crew. The crew once merged with Monlizzy crew, bekodes Timbershell was away for a short periode. The proud members of Henry Morgans Hell Fleet, never forgot where and wath the came from, sitting inn every inn and wait for there crew to raise greatness again, and its happens right now inn the year of 2014 under Timbershell command AGAIN.