Heaven and Earth

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Heaven and Earth at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Gailchips
Senior Officer(s) Ahsiao, Anavel, Beanthecool, Beatthebrats, Coltfan, Dadbeard, Indianadr, Indianna, Kazukienji, Ktfrog, Macncheese, Madbugger (Active), Mixmister, Mombeard (Active) & Mombeard-East (Active), Muff-West, Nobodyschild, Pennediamond, Pix, Preacherboy-West, Seelioness (Active), Superfly, Tahiti, Theflu (Actice), Tinkkerbelle, Unca (Active), Westly (Active) (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Argosy
Founded 6 November, 2008
Last updated on 10 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Heaven and Earth is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, formerly the Malachite Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Argosy. This crew was formerly named HEAVEN and EARTH.


The crew HEAVEN and EARTH was founded on the 6th of November, 2008, and is captained by Beatthebrats. HEAVEN and EARTH once reached number 1 in crew fame on the former Malachite Ocean. The crew once flew the flag of What Is Written, and were ranked as Sailors of Illustrious fame.

Public statement

We are totally NOT addicted to this game - and we can quit ANY time. Honest.

Extended public statement


  1. Always ask "PTB" (Permission To Board) , before u get board to any active ship.
  2. Do not leave or move the other station till the XO (Person in charge on the ship) said so.
  3. If u DC or AFK (a far from keyboard) , please leave the ship before the fight begin.



Pirate = 3 broads at sail, carp, and bilge;

Officer = 3 solids at sail and bilge, and carp

Fleet Officer = have they own ship and have "full navy missions.plus the capt. has to have trust in you.

Senior Officer = get promoted from FO by Captain decision.



  • A player must complete the "Learn to" mission in the corresponding puzzle (or do it on a voyage) to get a mission to Bilge, Sail, or do Carpentry with the navy.
  • Narrow experience in Bilging, Sailing and Carpentry are required to get the mission to Gun with the navy.
  • In order to get the mission to Navigate With the Navy, a player must be subscribed or own a pirate or higher rank badge and have experience of Broad or higher in Bilging, Sailing, Carpentry, and Gunning.
  • To get the mission to Defeat Brigands (battle navigate with the navy), a player must be subscribed or have a pirate badge or higher and must have Narrow experience in Navigation.



"EXPerience" = Novice > Neophyte > Apprentice > Narrow > Broad > Solid > Weighty > Expert > Paragon > Illustrious > Sublime>Revered>Exalted>Transcendent

"RANKing" = Able > Distinguished > Respected > Master > Renowned > Grand-Master > Legendary > Ultimate



Cannonball (Small/ Mediaum/Large)

Sloop (6/4/3) ; Cutter (7.5/5/3.75) ; Dhow (7.5/5/3.75) ; Longship (10/7/4.5) ; Merch.Brig (12/8/6) ; Baglah (12/8/6) ; War Brig (15/10/7.5) ; Merch.Gall (18/12/9) ; Xebec (21/14/10.5) ; War Frig (30/20/15) ; Grand Frig (36/24/18).



There are many different score on ramming damage, depending on the other ship "size", for example for sloop pilly u will get damage by "0.5" if u ram on sloop, cutter, dhow, longship; And get "1" damage if u ram on merchant brig and baglah; "2" on war brig. "2.5" on merchant galleon and xebec; "3" on war frig; "4" on grand frig.



Fame is a measurement of a crew or flag's activity. When a pirate plays a puzzle, the pirate's crew and flag both receive credit towards their fame. If the pirate is jobbing, the pirate's own crew/flag and not the crew/flag they are jobbed into receives the credit for the activity. There are, from lowest to highest, eight levels of fame:

Aspiring > Rumored > Noted > Established > Renowned > Celebrated > Eminent > Illustrious

Your pillages help us get a better rank on our "Crew Fame".


The crew map boat is the lost piranha. It holds the maps you may borrow for pillages or memming....

Happy pillaging ..... CHEERS.......... (^_+)

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