Ducha De Oro

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Ducha De Oro at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Icey
Senior Officer(s) Blondhair, Chasmaster, Cyprin, Flar, Leilanisohma, Tweetytatz, Yukki
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation RiddleMakers
Founded 13 May, 2006
Last updated on 5 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Ducha De Oro is a crew on the Meridian Ocean.


From the words of the founder, Wretch:

"I created this crew, from nothing, our name was Cricketsoda Dot Com, Scarletnite was our first member. I remember when Barr and Scar and I would pillage with just us 3 and a bot. It was so hard to get members back then, we had to beg and plead to get pirates worth a damn. Then things started to pick up, we got some members, never more than 30 though. Barrnacle had an idea to start something new, something fresh. He saved his money, and created DDO, we merged that day. He was playing so much, he didn't have time for anything else, including his GF. It cost him a relationship of 3 years, a live-in GF. So, when that happened, he had to make a change in his life. He gave up every game he played, he enrolled in school, he's doing something with his life. I'm very proud of Barr, he's a good friend, and believe me, giving up PP was not an easy decision. It was Barr who made us great. It was Barr's naving skills, and his kindness that propelled this crew to greatness. We can never forget his sacrifices for us. He is DDO, through and through. As am I. As I always will be. I can't describe how special this crew is to me. It went from a mere idea, just a pipe-dream, to a full fledged crew. We have such amazing people in the crew now, I just can't believe it. I can never express my appreciation for what you all have done for me. This crew is my baby. I birthed it, I nursed it. When it came time to do what's best for it, I did, with minimal hesitation. Viva la Ducha De Oro."

List of Captains deemed important (in a loose chronological order):

  • Barrnacle, Founder of Ducha de Oro.
  • Wretch
  • Johnkeelhaul
  • Cutthroatale
  • Jimpanzee
  • Icey

Public Statement

Ducha De Oro is one of the hardest working crews around, so don't be hesitant to join us on our pillages and ask officers to join! Oh, and we're quite happy with our flag, so please don't send us flag invites.

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to Ducha De Oro: The Fiercest of the Younger Crews. Our name comes from the spanish term for "Showers of Gold," and showers of gold is exactly what we aim to attain. We have quick, easy advancements, as long as you know what you're doing and have the stats to back it up; and we have a ton of fun!

One of the best things about our crew, is our foil exchange policy. We readily exchange all sticks for foils, just contact Cutthroatale for more information. Also, FOs and above contact the Captain if you want to use any of her locked ships.

Fair warning, I (Cutthroatale) tend to move ships around in order to move commodities for the flag etc. In some cases, that means that I'll sell your cbs and your rum. Now, I always try and move your ship back to where I got it from and restock it exactly how I found it, but sometimes I forget. If you find that I haven't moved it back and/or restocked it, please let me know and I'll do so immediately <3.

Pirate - We have a 2 question pirate test that's rather easy to pass. Just ask any officer to give you the test.

Officer - We require that you pass an officer test - talk to any of the SOs. We also require that you have 3 solids at least, and a distinguished in Bnav. Officers are only allowed to take out sloops and ships they own themselves.

Fleet Officer - We promote to FO only after we're sure that you're trustworthy, and that you can Bnav well.

Senior Officer - By appointments from the captain only. You will never get to be a Senior Officer if you ask.

Reasons you may be planked:

- Lazing without saying brb

- Shouting on a vessel unless you're an officer or above

- Disrepecting the crew, it's officers, it's captain, or it's flag

- Gunning without permission

- Spamming vessel chat

- Selling things, or promoting your own crew on our vessel

- Engaging other players in swordfight, rumble, TD, or drinking puzzles while the ship is sailing

- Booching 2 duty reports or more in a row, or booching the length of an entire battle

- Backseat Bnaving

- Going idle without a warning

- Asking to gun repetatively after you've already been told no

- Annoying Cutt