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Downtown currently is a senior officer of Bootleg Bandits and a member of Brink of Dawn on the Viridian Ocean.


Downtown started off as a lonely pirate traveling the seas as a mercenary. Downtown was and still is known to be one of the nicest pirates on the Viridian Ocean and he had quickly become a very skilled pirate and top notch battle navigator.

He happened to work for an up coming crew called the Bootleg Bandits. He decided to give the crew life a try and see what is was all about. He was promoted directly to fleet officer and with in a week was promoted to senior officer. In a short time Downtown helped form the Bootleg Bandits and the Bandits of the Ocean with Thunderx and Wooden in May, 2007. While he was still deciding if the crew life was for him a fair maiden happen to join the crew named Diamond. Downtown was immediately taken with her and soon formed a strong bond with the lady. With the introduction of Diamond to the crew Downtown had found his home.

In August, 2007, Downtown became captain and king when Thunderx decided to explore a new ocean. Downtown and Diamond quickly revamped the crew and it grew from numbers under 50 to over 100. The crew was known and still known as one of the greatest and nicest of all the ocean. All was well and there was even a rumor of piratey wedding bells rigging for Downtown and Diamond. Then an unknown force called "real life" struck Downtown and threw him out into the "ocean of dormant members". Downtown was lost and confused not knowing where he was. All seemed lost......

Then some time in September, 2009 Downtown was found by an exploring crew called "Settled back down". Finally remembering what he had left behind, he returned to try and found the bootleg bandits. Nervous to see if they were still together. To his wonderful surprise he found his old crew and quickly jumped back into duty as a senior officer. Because of his long disappearance they had lost there flag, but Diamond had saved them all and found another flag called Brink of Dawn. Being away for so long Downtown is still coming back to his old form and trying to get back into the good graces of his lost maiden Diamond.