Dirk Cheap

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Dirk Cheap
Right-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Admiral Island (Gull Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Altoftri
Manager(s) Faker


Erected March 2012
Building-Emerald-Dirk Cheap.png

Dirk Cheap is an Iron Monger shoppe located on Admiral Island on the Emerald Ocean. The building was originally named Mystic Cleaver, but was renamed Dirk Cheap by Altoftri and Faker. It primarily creates and sells cannon balls and is the flagship store in their growing empire. It has two sister stores, Cannon Barrage on Scrimshaw Island and This Falchion Is No More on Bowditch Island.

Residing in Dirk Cheap you will find the famous Dirk Perk; the red pig, Dirk Kirk; the blue karkinos, and J-Town; the magical protector of all (unicorn.) Ring the bell for service and you will be greeted by Dirk Clerk; the black cat. Her english is not the best, so please speak in meows.

So be sure to visit Dirk Cheap on Admiral Island next time you're there for some great deals on lead and please, feed the pets.