Dark Seas (crew)

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Dark Seas at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Pegno
Senior Officer(s) Bboysmaster, Acolyte, Blackcat, Squishat
Politics Autocratic
Shares Crew Loyalty
Flag Affiliation Brotherhood of Dragons
Merged into The Weyr as of October, 2006

Dark Seas was a crew that sailed the Hunter Ocean, founded by Blackcat and Pegno, under the flag Brotherhood of Dragons. The crew was small but full of skillful and highly potential members.

History of Dark Seas

Dark Seas was founded by Blackcat with help from her friend Pegno, although she insists the crew was started as Blackcat's last crew went down and she couldn't bring it back up. Dark Seas was built on a foundation that is firm with rules that are fierce yet get to the point.

This crew joined the flag Castigo Final before Captain Blackcat opened her own flag, Brotherhood of Dragons.

Pegno finally saw his crew reach Eminent on the 24 September 2006, unfortunalty he had many troubles and decided it was the right time to merge the crew with The Weyr.

Crew Articles

PvP Fines

Used as for the attacking of friendly crews in the flag or any allies to help any efforts of watching what you attack and making any extra money for the flag for Blockades or such.

Limited Royals

To allow the level of voting to be a quick procedure.

Limited Titled Members

For personal reasons.

Limited Allies

For a engaging of PvP where you don't have to be limited to attacking say 1-2 crews that have flags that are not connected to Brotherhood of Dragons as there should only be a limit of 7 alliences.

Promotion Requirements

Spinoff Crews

External Links

Vist the crew Website for more details and the Forum.