CB Loyalists

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CB Loyalists at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain none
Senior Officer(s) Honestlylied
Politics Democratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation none
Founded 21 February, 2008
Dormant as of 25 February, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-CB Loyalists.jpg
Flag of CB Loyalists, Thx to the Microcountry of Sealand

CB Loyalists was a crew that sails the Hunter Ocean. It was renamed from DaB.

The crew hails from Australia, Canada and Brazil but warmly welcome nice people from all countries around the globe.


CB Loyalists was founded on the 21st February, 2008 by Bluegem, by buying off the old captain of this crew, Chipotle. Ever since, there have been a lot of improvements, with its current crew rank as Mostly Harmless of Rumored fame. Also, there have been a few changes of management. The captain's hat passed from Bluegem to Lilsexah to Heartbrokenn and then on to Elander.

Public Statement

CB Loyalists is currently hiring at this moment. Feel free to ask Bluegem and Lilsexah, if ye wish to join. Crew colors are Black and White

Crew's Politics

We don't take part in any wars.

Challenging people on a ship is Pillage and head SO Captains permission only. If you want to challenge with people without permission - do it in inn's or challenge people on land. The Only exception is if waiting while at port

We respect all the crew members - no cursing, dirty language or offensive language. Breaking this rule will result immediate expel from the crew!

We don't leave the crew during the fight EVER, without saying first, of course.

If you want to laze about – please leave the ship...

Do what all SO and Captn ask you to do, - usually they know what they want.

Crew Articles

This area can only be seen by crew memebers!

General Rules

  1. Always Respect A Certain few People in this crew, including Elander,Jenilie,Untitledd,Monicatussi,Heartbrokenn and Hunni.
  2. Please call Elander and Heartbrokenn By Their real name, Elander - Caroline, Heartbrokenn - Becky
  3. No Spamming/Flooding in crew chat at any time.
  4. Always Obey Orders! No exceptions
  5. No cussing, Swearing at anytimes!
  6. Never abandon a ship, NEVER EVER!
  7. Respect All Rules!
  8. No asking for promotions, those are given by selection,. asking will only make things worse fer yerself.
  9. Never ask to be put into crew straight as a higher rank! as it is rude to do so said
  10. HAVE FUN!!!

Officer Rules

If you want to take opened ship - fell free but obey this rules:

  1. You MUST restock ship AFTER pillage - so check if u have enough PoE if pillage will go badly.
  2. Treat all your jobbing pirates as you would like to be treated.
  3. Have fun and take it easy when you lose a battle.
  4. ALWAYS leave ship on colonized islands.

Promotion Requirements

  • Icon cabin person.pngCabin Person: DEMOTION RANK
  • Icon pirate.pngPirate: Automatic rank
  • Icon officer.pngOfficer: 2 Broads, 3 Masters, or if ye add a ship to the crew, with the Head SO Approval-Bluegem or captns-Heartbrokenn
  • Icon fleet officer.pngFleet Officer: 3 Solids, 3 Renowneds, or a WB or larger ship, with approval of the Head SO and Captain
  • Icon senior officer.pngSenior Officer: About the Same stats with FO except you would need FULL trust in all SO's and A FULL ok from the Capn.
  • Icon captain.pngCaptain: Yer Joking, Right?