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Cmdrofficer is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean. He is an officer of the crew Knights of Saint George. Cmdrofficer specializes in trading commodities and providing logistics for any scale operation.


Cmdrofficer was awarded the Seventh Order of the Jolly Roger in 2014. He started on Spaniel Island on Sage Ocean. Instead of creating his own crew, he joined Altus Mare. When the entire crew ran dormant, he returned from a several month vacation and promoted himself to captain. He held strong political ideals, and recruited several members who would become his best friends on the game. After few years pass, while he was taking a few moths break, he returns to a different crew when Altus Mare was merged. He ran another crew until he took a few year's break.

Not wanting the responsibility of Captain, he returns to serve as an officer for various crews. There is a running joke that he is a Commander in the navy and an officer in the crew.


Cmdrofficer trades on the emerald ocean. He is attempting to memorize the entire ocean so he can make the best trades possible. He also has a keen eye on commodity prices, and can spot the most lucrative place to make large purchases as he travels across the ocean.

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