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Carriegurl is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean. She sailed the Sage Ocean prior to the ocean merge.


The lovely lady pirate Carriegurl (affectionately also known as Carrie) came to the high seas of Puzzle Pirates in September of 2009. She was of a set mind early on, certain that the only part of the pirate life for her might be the puzzles.

Carrie first stepped foot on Hunter Ocean under the care of her pirate friends Jessin and Gyroscope. Not surprisingly, she quickly found that there was more to this pirate world than just the puzzles and she made more friends, noteably Ufp and her Captain Lilcracker.

Hunter is not always the busiest ocean and within a short time and some encouragement Carrie ventured from Hunter to visit her friends on Sage Ocean. Not surprisingly, Sage and all its pirate rabble, became a way of life and the primary home to this fair damsel.

Carrie was fortunate to find a solid crew and strong flag of mature like minded individuals who love not only the puzzles but the social aspect of this game. Carrie has distinguished herself by her kindness and any time she logs the first few minutes are spent adressing the many greetings from those that are pleased to see her. Carrie is key member of her crew and serves well in her position as first mate to her Captain Smilely.

While Carrie is a well rounded personality she is also increasingly an accomplished pirate. She is passionate about Swordfighting and Rigging and (psst... don't tell anyone) secretly loves Gunning as well. Carrie swore she would never BNav but talk to her after a battle won and a pirate like any other can be seen. Carrie has a fleet of ships and is a pirate to watch over the next several years.

Pirate career