Candace (Midnight)

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This article is about a Cerulean Ocean pirate. For the Meridian Ocean pirate, see Candace (Meridian).
Candace (Midnight)
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Candace is a senior officer and wench of The Phoenix Warriors and a member of the flag Tyr's Own. She sails the Cerulean Ocean. This pirate was originally created on the retired Midnight Ocean.

Contributions and accomplishments

Midnight Ocean

  • Senior officer of The Phoenix Warriors
  • Helped run Tyr's Own's Secret Santa 2006 event
  • Runs flaggy of the month games for her flag alongside Chickenchip


Cerulean (originally Midnight)

Candace was once part of Wyvern's Pride then moved to The Phoenix Warriors, where she has since moved her way up to senior officer.

Cerulean (originally Cobalt)

She is known as Candee on the Cerulean Ocean, originally the retired Cobalt Ocean. She is part of Dragon Riders under the flag Firestorm.

Meridian (originally Viridian)

She is known as Candacee on the Meridian Ocean, originally the retired Viridian Ocean. She is an officer of the crew Duplo which was part of the flag Choking Hazard.


Candace is officer of the crew Frozen Gallows. Frozen Gallows is in the flag Between the Tides. She enjoys playing on the Ice Ocean because it is a place to get away from some of the craziness of her Midnight home.

Emerald (originally Hunter)

Candacee over on Emerald Ocean, originally the retired Hunter Ocean, is in the crew Smirking Revenge under the flag The Eye.

Emerald (originally Sage)

Candacee-West over on the Emerald Ocean, originally the retired Sage Ocean. She is in the crew Pernix Adaeque Simius, which is under the flag Purity of Essence.