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Snowborder is an independent pirate. He is a lieutenant commander in the Aimuari Island Navy in the Orion Archipelago and sails the Hunter Ocean.


Snowborder started out as Captmichael on the Sage Ocean. On Sage he was all about piracy skills, trying to become the best pirate possible because he thought it mattered. He would spend days on end just playing the sailing puzzle, trying to get better stats. He also spent some time on making friends and talking. His first girlfriend was a girl named Ruthy, it did not last long and it wasn't fun for that matter. He hardly knew this girl as it was, so they broke up on some misunderstanding with this other girl. Anyway, he kept at the piracy skills, getting about 4 broads and a solid. From there he quit for about 3 months.

One day on a summer afternoon Snowborder was bored so he decided to give YPP another shot, it was a pretty good idea he thought. However, this time he logged on Hunter Ocean since when he went on Captmichael all his hearties were gone except for five. He was then just curious about Hunter Ocean and what it had to offer, he was still obsessed with being a good pirate so he played a few swordfighting challenges and noticed how much better Sage players were at puzzles. He quickly earned and then lost a legendary standing. From there he joined a few crews, trying to find one that fit him. He would never find one so he decided to try going to the docks where he met people and his first crush on YPP would happen. Her name was Lovellygirl, though they would never be boyfriend and girlfriend because she thought it was fake. After that he quit again because school started.

In about the middle of December that same year Snowborder would meet the friends he would always hang out with from there on. Though he doesn't remember how it happened since it was all kind of a blur, he just kept meeting people and becoming friends with people, those times were good. Parties, always something to do. Your fair share of drama and wondering who was with who. His friends look back at it now and miss it. He didn't really do as much with piracy though he did keep active. Kept jumping from crew to crew not being successful to find a crew he liked. Then in February or March of that year he met Cuterthanu, a girl that would become Xxcuterxx, that would be his first serious girlfriend. Then lacrosse started and he became more and more less interesting in YPP. He would come on from week to week. Then it was spring break where he went to China that put the dagger in the heart of their relationship, it was over after that and he never came on or anything. His friends also started not going on YPP too.

Summer of 2007 Snowborder gave YPP another shot, people said they missed him and stuff like that. When he came back on that summer he regrouped with his friends, it was a good time. It was also that time when he joined Rockgurl's Spartan's Undead Wrath, this would be his best crew because he recruited so much. When we reached one hundred members he earned the rank of prince which he found out not to be as fun as he planned. After that he thought to himself about crews and said, "F*** crews.". That was the end of his piracy career. Later he left that crew and began his relationship with Hotchickmiss or Hcm or Freebiirdx. This relationship was good, he actually thought of marrying her but then he started not coming on again. They then broke up and he started not coming on because football was too demanding. He then came back on when football was over and soon he started his relationship with Xxskylerxx they were together for about 2 months, it was fun until the end.

Soon after Snowborder would make a new pirate, Brinex, he needed a change. He soon got all his friends as hearties and started his relationship with Cutecalista.

Brinex's Portrait