Brigand Raiders

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Brigand Raiders at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Eskeleto
Senior Officer(s) Dixiedarling, Ngsob, Purplewolf
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Simunye - We Are One
Founded 2 August, 2007
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Brigand Raiders is a crew currently operating on the Meridian Ocean.


Ikilledkitty founded the crew in the year 2007 on August 2nd. The crew moved up the ranks quickly and recruited loads of people. Also, another crew merged into Brigand Raiders and the most players they have ever had was 69. The highest rank on the fame board that was achieved was number 53. Things got harder in the weeks that followed and a lot of people went dormant but the crew is back on track and recruiting again.

Public Statement

We do not want to join your flag. This crew is not for sale, neither do we want to merge. To ask me to even consider any of this, will be regarded as an insult.

Our crew was down to number 10 on the crew fame list, and illustrious in standing on a few occasions!!!!! We're small, but potent.

We are always looking for new crew members, but won't accept just anybody to push the numbers up. Crew loyalty is one of the attributes we want all our crewbies to have. We're small, but we're a bunch of nice people without unnecessary politics and back-stabbing. We're not a rank factory. The fact that you have the badge, does not automatically qualify you for the rank. If you want to push your ranks up quick, go to another crew.

Rank Requirements

  • Pirate: Just ask to join the crew. We don't have cabin persons in this crew.
  • Officer: 2 solids and 2 broads OR four BOLD standings OR two bolds and a ship. You also need to be at least distinguished in bnav (meaning you know how to run a pilly).
  • Fleet officer: All duty stats Solid and above, and at least a petty officer in the navy. Also need to have experience in running pillies. And you have to have earned the trust and respect of the captain and / or fellow officers.
  • Senior officer: At least a lieutenant in the navy. And must be trusted by the other SO's and the captain. You must have proven your loyalty to the crew and must have been in the crew for at least a month.
  • Captain: You must own a ship, have the required stats and about 20k to form your own crew. Hopefully you will have such a good relationship with us, that you will join our flag.

NOTE: No trust from the Captain and fellow officers, no FO or SO rank. If we don't know you, DON'T EVEN ASK.

Sooo - If you still wish to join the crew, please send a /tell to myself or any officer.