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For the defunct Cobalt Ocean crew, see Bounty (crew).

A bounty is PoE that is awarded for sinking Brigand King ships during flotillas and blockades on any ocean. The Obsidian Ocean also has faction bounties, awarded for PvP sinks.

Dark Seas onlyFaction bounties

From the Obsidian changelog:

  • The Shadow Fleet and Defiant Armada will award Pieces of Eight for sinking certain player ships. These bounties are added to the vessel's booty once the target vessel has been sunk.
  • Sinking player vessels from the opposing faction will cause the bounty placed on your ship to increase. The amount depends on the size of the vessel that was sunk.
  • The most notable bounties that have not yet been claimed are listed on the "War" tab.
  • Vessels that have a faction bounty placed on them will now have a special icon shown in the sailing view, making them easier to identify (and pursue). There are 3 tiers of icon, based on how large the bounty on the vessel has become.
  • From this point forward, only vessels that have a faction bounty on them will be able to win faction trinkets for sinking enemy vessels. All sailors aboard the victorious ship will receive between 1 to 3 faction trinkets, based on how large their ship's bounty has become. This provides incentive for jobbing on a ship that has a bounty, despite the increased risk of being attacked by the other faction.
  • Faction bounties that have been placed on vessels will now slowly decrease over time, so that inactive vessels will eventually fall off of the bounties board.

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