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Jessicajones is a pirate on the Cerulean Ocean who also goes by her other pirates Bootykicker and Failsafe. Jessicajones has had many people ask her if that is her real name and if they know her but she has to explain that it's not her real name and that she picked the name from her favorite comic book Daredevil The Man Without Fear.



Jessicajones started playing on Jul 30, 2005 and washed up on the shores of Epsilon Island in the Emerald Archipelago. After wandering around figuring out how to play the game she met Blarnybill of Phoenix Fury on the docks of Epsilon. After getting to know her Blarnybill invited her to a pillage and after invited her to join the crew where she stayed for awhile. After a while Jessicajones left Phoenix Fury and started her adventure to find a crew the best fit her.

Some of the crews Jessicajones has joined in her search for a crew are Pirates of Pittsburgh, Klingon Warriors and Winter Gales. Realizing that she's better off in an apolitical crew, she asked her hearty and captain of Winter Gales at the time, Amatoria if she knew of a crew that wasn't into politics and she mentioned Piranne of Relaxing Pirates. After meeting with Piranne, Jessicajones left Winter Gales with Amatoria's blessing and joined her crew.

Late 2010 Jessicajones decided to move to a diffrent crew with Piranne's blessing and joined Silver Linings.

July, 31 2011 Jessicajones left Silver Linings and created Solitary Confinement on the Midnight ocean.

Feb.1 2012 after the ocean merge, Jessicajones joined the crew Rum by Gum which she was a part of from the old Cobalt Ocean and is currently a Senior Officer


Jessicajones has a pegleg which she sustained in a war frigate sinking in Atlantis.

Failsafe recieved a Pegleg and an Eyepatch bnaving in the Chaparral blockade of 2010-07-03 againt Chthonic Horde