Blaze of Glory

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Blaze of Glory at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Eternity of The Jolly Rogers
Member crew(s) The Jolly Rogers, Leviathans Requiem, Solo Contendre, southsea brigands
Organization 1 royal and 4 titled members per crew, depending on fame
Disbanded as of 13 October, 2006


Blaze of Glory was founded on March 6, 2006 by the crews The Jolly Rogers and the Shark Raiders. The flag was led by its king, Aapje of Leviathans Requiem and it's queen, Eternity of The Jolly Rogers. It disbanded in November, 2006.

When the flag was founded, it was co-lead by Virusnine, former member of Shark Raiders, who was titled Prince, but acted as king. Virusnine left flag and crew in the ending of July 2006. On August 29, 2006 Aapje of Leviathans Requiem was installed as as king, and although titled princess, Eternity continued to co-lead the flag as queen.

Public Statement

Blaze of Glory is a flag of unity, friendship, and commitment to excellence. We do our best to reach for the stars, and that's what we would ask of you if you are looking to join. We welcome all crews, however we do ask that you are willing to work hard to become a part of the wonderful tradition we are attempting to create. Let's stand together on our way to glory.

This flag has not 1 but 2 monarchs, king Aapje of Leviathans Requiem and queen Eternity of The Jolly Rogers, we ask all to be loyal to them.

  • Monarchs do not count as a royalty
  • When a crew joins the flag they will get 2 titled members
  • When a crew is celebrated they will get one royalty
  • When a crew is Eminent they will get 2 more titled members
  • Titled members will get access to royalty forum and take part in the decision making

Blaze of Glory...Burning Brightly for Eternity