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Blackstarr is a pirate on several oceans with her primary ocean being Sage Ocean. On Sage she is a senior officer of the crew The Brew Crew and lady of the flag Spontaneous Combustion.


Blackstarr started her piracy career in 2006 on Viridian ocean, but moved to Sage early on and joined with her daughter (Wickedwench) and friends in the crew A World of Fun from May to October until moving to Dark Knights of Sage. In February 2008 she left and joined her current crew, The Brew Crew. In the flag she also has her actual son, Redrabbits, but is considered the flag "mom" by most of the active pirates. Like her daughter she enjoys sailing and poker and has been known to dabble in every puzzle, but prefers carpentry and sailing over others. Blackstarr is also fairly creative and enjoys writing poetry.