Black Sails (Midnight)

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This article is about a disbanded Midnight Ocean flag. For the disbanded Sage Ocean flag, see Black Sails (Sage flag).
Black Sails at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Garados (Deleted/purged) of Lords of the Fallen Sun
Member crew(s) Lords of the Fallen Sun
Disbanded as of 4 June, 2006

Black Sails was a historic flag on the retired Midnight Ocean. This flag has been disbanded.

Brief history

Founded by Dolzar upon leaving Dream Reapers, this flag was quick to form alliances with Crimson Tide and Imperio, then expanded on this by forming an alliance with Midnight Armada. The flag prided itself on using diplomacy to accomplish tasks that its small size would normal have prevented.

Control of Cnossos

Black Sails was the first player flag to control Cnossos Island on Midnight. Black Sails main contribution to Cnossos was the construction of its bazaars. During July of 2004, Dolzar was forced into an extended absence and left control of the flag and island to Goldbeard until his return. The flag started to fall apart due to stagnation and a lack of direction. During this period the flag lost control of Cnossos to Scallywag Syndicate during their second attempt at taking the island. It was after the loss of Cnossos Island that Black Sails officially went dormant. It has not been decided if the flag will ever rise again.

Blockades at a glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 21 May 2004 Cnossos I Attacking precolonized no Vilya vs. Equinox, Black Sails 0:3:7 Won island