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Beriaden is a citizen of Aimuari Island in the Orion Archipelago. He is a senior officer and counselor of Frisky Business.

Beriaden at the beginning of his way as a pirate, was famous thanks to his older sister Casyopeiya, who earned her reputation with crews like Avius Anima, Deja Voodoo, and Swords and Bludgeons. Nowadays, they are both serving in Frisky Business. As Casyopeiya's younger brother he proves worthy. His Swordfighting skills are superior to his sister's, as well as his Carpentry, Sailing and Bilging.

Beriaden is believed to have greater potential than his own sister.

Life as a pirate

Beriaden's life as a pirate is full of success. He befriended Cliffkiller and Hangh of his crew and began working with them. Showing his playfullness, Beriaden titled Deathless the crew's siren, for the feeling he gets whenever Deathless asks him for help. Beriaden's interests as a pirate are his crew, and his reputation. He has been working hard and still does, to expand his crew and to gain fame in the Emerald Oceans.

Beriadens favorite puzzle is Swordfighting. His favorite type of vessel is the fanchuan and Serpent class sloop. His favorite colours are black and aqua.