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Aradorn was a pirate on the Sage Ocean. His home island was Caravanserai Island.


Aradorn started his life as a Puzzle Pirate in June 2006 on the Sage Ocean.

Aradorn's first crew was the Missing Angel's, captained by a pirate named Maragato. He left the Missing Angel's only hours after joining to find another more active crew. He later regretted that decision. He went through a countless number of crews until on July 2 he found another crew that met all his needs, Devil's Bane, where he became a pirate.

Aradorn did not enter this crew alone; he joined with a a good friend of his called Bloodcorsair. He also had a close relation in the game, Elizswan, but last anyone heard from her, she was also thinking about giving up her days as a pirate.

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