All Hands On Deck

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All Hands On Deck at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Hagriad of Eclipse
Member crew(s) AHoD's Army, Bound, Eclipse
Founded 24 November, 2005
Dormant as of 27 October, 2016
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All Hands On Deck is a dormant flag on the Cobalt Ocean.


All Hands On Deck is one of the smallest flags to consistently score within the top 20 fame rankings. It was founded on November 24, 2005 by Korthuis and his crew Eclipse, and The Skeleton Crew was quickly added to provide training and other services. An Eclipse fleet officer named Kallea left to form her own crew, Blessed Dragons, who became the third crew to join the flag, and soon after, the Drunken Buccaneers became crew number four.

All Hands On Deck contended in the island opening blockade of Ansel Island, and won the first round before conceding due to lack of ships on hand.

The flag owns many shoppes and stalls, including the shipyard Afrigcano on Tigerleaf Mountain.

In April 2006, The Skeleton Crew left the flag and another eminent crew, the Desirable Devils joined the flag. Bigwood took over as king as Korthuis went dormant. In June, Jeremyisgod, a senior officer of Eclipse, left to form his own crew. His crew, The Cobaltian Disease, then joined All Hands On Deck, but left shortly after.

In the period April - May 2007 there were many changes in crew and alliances and on the 3rd of June they gained control of Labyrinth Moors.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 1 February 2006 Ansel I Attacking Yes none vs. All Hands On Deck, A Song For The Deaf, Valor 0:1:3:1 Didn't win island
2 11 November 2006 Ansel V Attacking Yes Imperial Margarine vs. All Hands On Deck 0:3 Won island
3 24 February 2007 Ansel VI Defending Yes All Hands On Deck vs. What The Falchion 0:3 Lost island

4 3 June 2007 Labyrinth V Attacking No National Pirate Radio vs. What The Falchion, All Hands On Deck 0:0:3 Won island
5 28 July 2007 Labyrinth VI Defending Yes All Hands On Deck vs. Black Veil 0:3 Lost island
6 1 November 2008 Cormorant VI Attacking Yes Polaris vs. All Hands On Deck 0:3 Won island

7 18 April 2009 Cormorant VII Defending Yes All Hands On Deck vs. Super Awesomeness 1:3 Lost island

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