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Aidthewound is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.

He joined the game in September, 2005, in the starting phase of the Sage Ocean.

Aidthewound spent a very long time roaming between crews, before finally settling down in Jack Aces around March, 2007. He eventually earned his way up to the rank of senior officer.

After a long stint in Jack Aces under the guidance of Kait, Aidthewound left the crew and joined For the Poes. Dissatisfied with the way Dirty Deeds (the flag For the Poes was affiliated with at the time) was run, Aidthewound joined the Perilous Puppets. He did not entirely settle, and later moved on to the crew Impending Insanity of the flag Good Grief. Soon after For the Poes left the flag Dirty Deeds. After 7 months in the same flag/crew, Aidthewound left.

Soon after, Aidthewound rejoined For the Poes.

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