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Aeturnus is currently a senior officer with the crew Rise of the Black Pearl and a princess of the flag Black Sparrow on the Sage Ocean.


Aeturnus started playing Puzzle Pirates on April 25th 2008. The first crew Aeturnus was invited to was Angels Inc. on the Sage Ocean, where she was a fleet officer for about a month.

While she was FO there, she met a very interesting guy on the dock of Greenwich Island. His name was Cyberlord. He was a senior officer in a crew called Rise of the Black Pearl, and he quickly offered her a spot in his crew.

Being stubborn as she always is, she declined, feeling it would be unfair to the crew she was currently in. Everyday, though, she spent with Cyberlord and his crew mates, helping them with pillaging, etc. And everyday she was asked to join them, and she still said no thank ye.

One day however, she had had enough of her own crew's annoying behavior of abandoning ships at sea, where she then went and helped to get them to port. She wrote the crew a very angry and annoyed message on crew issues, and then left the crew.

She then went to Greenwich dock, and waited for Cyberlord. He was happy to invite her to the crew, where she joined as an officer.

On September 3rd 2008, standing on Greenwich Island while talking to Cyberlord, Cyberlord asked Aeturnus, if she would do him the honor of becoming his girlfriend. Aeturnus said yes.

She slowly advanced to senior officer rank in Rise of the Black Pearl, but she didn't mind, that it was going slow, for she was having a lovely time with these great people.

But one day, after about a year, things went wrong with some of the newer crew mates and the Captain, Nivrana. The two newer crew mates (whom she will not name, for that would be unkind) then left the crew, feeling mistreated, although they knew that what had been the problem, was something that it plainly said in crew rules was not tolerated.

A few days later, Cyberlord and Aeturnus decided also to leave, they needed to do stuff for themselves. They then formed the crew Black Pearl Guardians, with Cyberlord as captain and Aeturnus as senior officer.

Doorkie and Rooibaard from Rise of the Black Pearl decided a few months later to join them, since Rise of the Black Pearl was slowly becoming a dead crew, with everyone leaving or deciding to stop playing entirely. They were both now senior officers with Black Pearl Guardians.

At the end of November 2009, Cyberlord and Aeturnus decided to take a small break from Puzzle Pirates. When they returned to the game in May 2010, they had basically been removed from their own crew, so they decided to leave it, and joined Spirit Wolves as fleet officers.

In September 2010, they left Spirit Wolves along with a few other crew mates, only to go back to Rise of the Black Pearl. Cyberlord was again captain, and Aeturnus was a senior officer. Dulcelafemme, who had left Spirit Wolves with them, also became a senior officer.

Aeturnus and Cyberlord run several stalls on Admiral Island as each other's managers. Aeturnus runs an apothecary, iron monger and a tailor. Cyberlord runs a weaving, distilling and furnishing stall. Cyberlord also owns Hypocrisy on Bowditch and Get Rich or Dye Tryin' on Admiral.