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Greeter Broadcasts (/greenie)

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A confirmation message appears when you try to broadcast.
  • Greeter Broadcasts should be used sparingly. See below for additional information on when broadcasts are appropriate.
  • Please take extra care to ensure correct spelling and grammar when you make a greeter broadcast.
  • Do not make "test" broadcasts on production oceans. If you would like to test the feature, please access the Ice ocean and do so there.
  • If you make a mistake in a broadcast, do not apologize or correct it in another broadcast. Just let it go.
  • Please refrain from using broadcasts to berate other greeters. Use the /complain feature instead.
  • Overuse or misuse of the broadcast feature may get your greeter privileges revoked.

Information Broadcasts

Information Broadcasts might include instructions on how to contact a greeter, how to pillage with the navy, and how to find help or documentation. Here is an example of a good information broadcast:

Ahoy and welcome to Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. Are you having trouble knowing what to do, or where to go? Would you like to know how to make some ‘Pieces of Eight’? Click Ye > Help > Ask a greeter , or type

Remember, "/tell (greeter) to reply" is attached automatically to the end of every broadcast.

While there is no official policy on the timing of information broadcasts, they should not be frequent. A good rule of thumb is to wait one hour between information broadcasts, and don't make them at all if there have been recent Event or Pillage broadcasts.

Event Broadcasts

Event Broadcasts inform greenies of events that might interest them: greenie-only tournaments, question-and-answer sessions, and so on. Event broadcasts should only be used for events where the greeter does not turn a profit. Event broadcasts may be done at any time, but should not be repeated.

Pillage Broadcasts

Pillage Broadcasts are meant to gather greenies on a ship for a training/greenie pillage. Please limit yourself to one such broadcast per day. If you use a pillage broadcast, you must be willing to answer greenie questions, and must be expecting to pay greenies who do show up. Pillage broadcasts may be done at any time.

An example of a Greeter Broadcast