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Pirates Lewbull
Real Name Lewis
Age 13
Favourite Puzzle Poker

About Me

Arr! I be a fun-loving, kind but cruel and kinda weird pirate. My main pirate is Lewbull, the Captain of Made Of Fire and Prince of Brotherhood w-o Banners. I make avatars and fan art using Paint Shop Pro. I love Blockades, just like a piece of candy.

To Do

  • Get all kinds of ships
  • 100,000 PoE
  • 200,000 PoE
  • 300,000 PoE
  • 400,000 PoE
  • 500,000 PoE
  • 600,000 PoE
  • 700,000 PoE
  • 800,000 PoE
  • 900,000 PoE
  • 1,000,000 PoE
  • Get a familar

How I Found My Way 'Ere

Fell through the web and snagged on Miniclip, then downloaded Puzzle Pirates.


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