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Truloyalty has been deleted and created another account with a different name.

Truloyalty was ranked a Princess in her flag and also senoir officer.Many times she was left Captain while her Cheif went dormant.She could not stand watching someone else get hurt and would always try to make someone feel better. She went through lots of heartbreaks and drama , but with her pirate friends she managed to get by.She would always lend a hand when it was needed and she never took no for an answer.She would rather pick flowers instead of fights. She never bought Doubloons because she worked hard for what she had. Not only were her Piracy skills exceptional, she was a Captain in the navy.In December of 2012 , her pirate went dormant and was permanently deleted. She now aims to regain what she has lost , and dreams to one day have a #1 crew and flag. Her dreams sound crazy but she hopes to reach them with her new pirate in the new 2013 year.With a new look the new Trueloyalty is looking forward to the future in her Piracy life. And she celebrates the past and is only looking in one direction: Ahead!

Her mates!

Her mates included : Bolt,Masterbro,Rivarly,Paini,Cassica,Eternalagony and Psychotic.

The work!

As said, she took control of any situation which needed guidance.She may have not been in charge of much, but she tried to lend a hand in any way she could.She had 1 serpent which was remained unnamed.She won a few major tournaments. She received many trophys from her hard work and was celebrated by her crew mates,Flag mates and hearties! She was a fine young lady!