Release 2014-11-04

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Get Inked

From the Release Notes:
  • Added new Kraken Tattoo clothing item for both male and female pirates.
    • Requires a design from the trading post in exchange for 20 Kraken trinkets.
      • Note that tailors will need 5 Kraken ink for each tattoo kit they produce.
  • Trinkets are now divided into collapsible groups in the booty display. This is intended to help pirates who have huge trinket collections and sometimes have slowness or freezes when displaying their booty.
  • Halloween candy trinkets will no longer drop.
  • Applying database maintenance to fix data inconsistencies with pirates and vessels that have been renamed over the years. Players should not encounter any visible changes, but note that the servers may take a little longer to start up just this once.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Patching to not record a score and display a message about a network connection issue.
    • Added missing image for the November Seal of Piracy.