Never say Never

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Never say Never at a Glance
Ice Ocean
Last Monarch Isme of I have control
Member crew(s) Always One Away, Boys Smell, I have control, The Verso Warriors
Founded 4 November, 2007
dormant as of 28 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Never say Never is a flag on the Ice Ocean. It was founded on November 4, 2007 by Foolcrazy of the crew Nemo Ili. Zeuis later took over as captain of the crew and monarch of the flag. In January 2008, the crews Revenge and Golden war crew joined the flag. On February 2, Noxx of Revenge was made a prince, joining Zeuis and Measle as the flag's leadership.

In mid January, Never say Never completed their collection by winning three outposts in blockades. On February 2, 2008, Never say Never won Fort Royal in a three round sinking blockade with Ice Wars.

Sadly the rest of the flag's history is lost in the mists of time but when the monarch of the flag at the time, Zeuis, lost access to ice Joshsivills and Uino took control of the flag and created their own crew, The Children Of Hurin. Shortly after this their original crew, Nemo lli left the flag.

Public Statement

We need a Hero! To save us now. We need a hero!... A hero's gonna save me just in time!