Talk:Morrowind/Outpost Raid Guidelines

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Ahoy there! This page represents a system of policies that we have found to be effective for running our voyages to Atlantis. The policies described here are under constant adjustment as new information is presented and reviewed. If you are an officer in Flag Morrowind, go to to participate in the discussion.

Once the bulk of this page is fleshed out, I'll be posting a link on the YPP forums so that other voyagers may reference this material. I understand that there are many ways to approach the Atlantis experience. If you like some of what you see here, but not all, then feel free to start your own page and copy what you like from here--but please, do not edit this page.

At Flag Morrowind, our goal is to provide a positive YPP experience for all involved, and these guidelines are designed to accomplish that goal. Sharing this information with other crews and flags further accomplishes this goal by widening the circle of fun.

KonfuZer 17:14, 19 September 2007 (PDT)