Knife of Dreams

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Knife of Dreams at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Drags (Left Flag & joined Crew in another) of Black Label (Disbanded)
Member crew(s) Water Gods
Founded 7 August, 2012
Abandoned as of 17 October, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Knife of Dreams.jpg

Knife of Dreams is a defunct flag of the Meridian Ocean. It was founded by Kingace, and later turned over to the hands of Drags/Smelter for rebuilding. This flag was previously named Scissor me Timbers.


Scissor me Timbers is currently standing as the biggest flag on the Meridian ocean, as it is hosting the largest crew on the ocean in Panda Express as well as the second largest crew in Black Label.

Former monarchs

Public statement

Get your popcorn ready, Scissor me Timbers. Talk to any royal about becoming a member of the flag.

All for one and one for all. Loyalty goes a long way.

It's in your best interest to answer the door when we come around to knock... don't make us go through the back.

Alliance requests

Alliance requests are being accepted and considered at all times, Drags is a friendly pirate willing to talk to other monarchs and royals on their stance with "Scissor me Timbers".

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