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Big Booty Beaches

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(Redirected from Nos Incumbent Profundum)
Big Booty Beaches at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Scaryjohnny
Senior Officer(s) Mcnuggats
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Crew Loyalty
Flag Affiliation Requited Desires-East
Founded 20 June, 2008
dormant as of 25 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Big Booty Beaches is the new name of the crew Nos Imcumbent Profundum, the name change was to reflect the rebirth of the crew from the shriveled corpse it had become.

Promotion rules & members

The basic rule are the better yer stats the higher chance yer got better rank, the second rule is if yer polite and an active member then yer going the right way to be promoted. If yer have ship you will get instant officer, otherwise yer wouldnt be able to use it!

Captain: Scaryjohnny

Senior Officer: Mcnuggats

Fleet Officer:



History of Nos Imcumbent Profundum

Nos Incumbent Profundum, established on Aimuari Island, had some specific rules that crew members must follow. Created in June 20th, 2008, it quickly increased reputation as it was one of the few crews that were independent and didn't sail under a flag.

The crew joined Death Sailors and quickly gained respect from other crews, but complications with the monarchy resulted in it changing flags to Royal Angels FWF Stars and later the creation of the flag Universum est nostrum. The crew most recently flew the flag of Requited Desires and hoped to stay under their colors for the foreseeable future.

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