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The preliminary Petition Help page.
An example of a resolved petition for a ship rename.

A petition is the fastest way to contact an Ocean Master for game questions and issues. There are Ocean Masters online 24 hours a day to answer petitions and address complaints of players in the game.

To petition, go to the Ye panel, click the "Help" button, and click the "Petition" button. This brings up the "Petition Help" page, where players can categorize the question and check to see whether the answer to it is in the list of frequently asked questions. Click the appropriate category link to begin. If the question does not fit into any of the categories, players may click the "My question does not fit into any of these categories" link to type out their petition in their own words.

If the question falls into one of the listed categories, but the answer is not listed after having clicked that category, players can click the "You may ask an Ocean Master your question by clicking here" link.

Once the petition has been submitted, it is put into the petition queue and will be answered in the order in which it was received. Keep in mind that during the busy hours, multiple petitions per minute may be received, which might mean that the Ocean Master on duty cannot respond immediately. Players should not send tells to the Ocean Masters asking when the petition will be answered.

When the petition has been answered, players will receive a notification whistle and an alert message on the screen. In some cases, the Ocean Master will request additional information which can then be added via the petition interface. In other cases, where no additional input is needed, the Ocean Master will answer the question and mark the petition as "Resolved".

Good petitioning practices

  • Make sure that petitions are an appropriate tool to use. /complain, /bug and /blackspot may be more appropriate in some situations.
  • When claiming an event prize, include the event name, the prize, which Ocean Master is responsible for the event, and a link to that event's forum post. Note that there are some events where players should not petition for prizes, such as those where the event organizer is giving them out. Always read the event results post before trying to claim a prize.
  • Keep petitions polite, concise, and few in number. Abuse of the petition system is a bannable offense.

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