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Good Petitioning

Players can help Ocean Masters resolve petitions swiftly and properly if they do a few things to make life easier for the OM.

  • Include as much pertinent information as you can. Ocean Masters can "return" petitions and ask for more input, but if they have to do that, they start seeing other people and resolving their cases before they return to yours, which might double the waiting time for a petition resolution during peak time. The more information you can include, the better.
    • If you're renaming a boat, include the boat's current name, the boat's new name, where it's ported, who holds the deed (or at least a crew/flag), and where the shanghais are coming from.
    • If you're claiming an event prize, include the event name, the prize you're eligible for, which Ocean Master is responsible for the event, and a link to that event's forum post. (Note that there are some events where you should not petition for prizes! Always read the results post before you try and claim a prize.)
    • If you're making a complaint of any sort, you should include what the problem is, and how you want it resolved. Never forget the second half. Ocean Masters are smart people, but none of them have mastered the whole "psychic powers over the internet" thing yet. If you want something done, you have to tell them.
  • Make sure that petitions are the most appropiate tool to use. /complain or /bug are more appropiate in some situations.
  • If the petition will require that the Ocean Master physically gives you something, have a secluded location handy. Many Ocean Masters dislike whisking to the docks during shifts, and will likely ask you to find a secluded location anyway before they meet with you.
    • Boats, housing, shoppes/stalls, and even banks or real estate agents are all great places to meet an OM in this situation.</nowiki>

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My Petition Is Escalated

Hello, i was wondering if somone could possibly help me with a little hitch i have been having. I wrote a petition last week, d Hypnos wrote an awnser :"Ahoy, please leave this open and we'll get back to you mate." I Said ok, and left it open, and two weeks later i am still waiting. i will show you the text in the petition:

From: Betterthanu Petition Id: 3371257

Status: Escalated [Hypnos] Category: Other Subject: PirateWebs Description: 12:25, 13 June 2008 This Was My Petition. It is a little private as the idia may be stolen etc. Many thanks, Jamie (Betterthanu) Support Response: Ahoy, please leave this open and we'll get back to you mate.

If you need assistance please visit for assistance. -- Cedarwings (talk) 21:58, 13 June 2008 (PDT)