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Current crews and flags

Rappak is currently on the following Oceans: Cobalt, Midnight, and Ice.

His current Midnight crew is Pirates of the Damned in Crimson Tide.

Former Midnight crew is Easily Distracted, flag in Silver Dawn.

Former Midnight crews was Midnight Valkyries in the flag Ragnarok

His current crew in Cobalt is Yarr Talk in the flag Static Before The Storm

Former Cobalt crews is The Occifer's Club, flag in Something Powerful, Former Monarch, Heian Era in the flag Indestructable Fury

He has been in many many crews, doing as he pleases.

Another Former Cobalt Crew is The Shadowy Balrogs, flag in Indestructable Fury

His Current crew in Ice is


Rappak first landed in the Midnight ocean in April 11 2004. After that, he joined up with the Midnight Valkyries in the flag Ragnarok and helped the crew and flag grow. Quickly went through the ranks of Officer in a week and Senior Officer 2 weeks later. Became Prince of Ragnarok at some point of time. Took a break from the game during the late summer-fall of 2004 after some issues and stepping down from Prince after the Ostreum I blockcade. After discovering other events, left Midnight Valkyries and Ragnarok to join one of his friends, Carribean, in Easily Distracted in Silver Dawn. Took a few short breaks and semi-moved to Cobalt where he was Monarch of the flag Something Powerful and was Senior Officer of The Occifer's Club. Rappak stepped down from Monarch after being frazzled out in trying to do too much and wanted to focus more on himself and enjoy the game. Rappak left Something Powerful all together after Something Powerful broke down after several instances of internal problems. Rappak had joined Bloody Hell and followed one if his hearties, Gothmog. The Shadowy Balrogs have now moved into Indestructable Fury. Rappak left Indestructable Fury and the crew of Heian Era after several cautions and disappointements. After IF, he joined several other crews, following hearties like Gothmog, Furshizzle, Cyberpyro, Nautegal, and others. Also, Rappak has gotten married to Dcyborg on the Cobalt Ocean. In addition, he is currently playing on Ice as well. Rappak created his own crew, Falling Free, and was finally laid to rest March 5th, 2007. He returned in October of 2008 and has been known to terrorize the oceans from then on.

Current Activities

  • Rappak loves navigation and playing hearts and poker
  • He also loves to do cartography, explore new islands, denote locations of incriptions, help with routes, and other things.
  • Loves to memorize routes, See Memorization.
  • Helps stall keep and runs several stalls and shops.
  • Helps with questions in general as well as post in the YPP forums as well as help with the YPPedia.
  • Is a mercenary for hire for blockcades as well as a master merchant.


  • Memmed all current and extinct routes in Midnight and is going to mem the training routes
  • Helped raise Ragnarok significantly on the poltical scene.
  • Successfully ran on of the first ship stalls on Midnight.
  • Memmed the entire Cobalt Ocean
  • Help raised Kirin island in Cobalt.
  • Ran a successful Merchant race on cobalt as well as other such events for Something Powerful.
  • Grew Something Powerful from a stage of infantcy into a organized and powerful flag.
  • Helped do some Cartography during the first few days of Sage and Hunter.
  • Is helping transform the Cobalt Ocean from being sleepy to being happy go nuts.
  • Helped get Dcyborg her familiar in the Odds and Ends auction on Cobalt.
  • Admiraled in a few blockcades, b-naved, and politically swayed other blockcades.

Shop and stall ownership/management

  • Cobalt
  • Terra
  • Revenge of the Sloops

Memming Assistance

  • Midnight
  • All known and extinct routes

  • Cobalt
  • All known routes

If you need to be charted, please contact Rappak on Cobalt or on Midnight. Also try PMing him on the YPP forums.


SP Day:

Cobalt Merchant Race:

Winter Holiday events on Cobalt: