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Luvessy is better known as Mistymate on the Midnight Ocean. (She also has characters on each of the other oceans by the same name, which she plays with varying frequency.)
She began playing YPP in December 2003 as Ladytech in the Yellow Jackets crew. Real life pressures kept Ladytech from getting very involved, and Luvessy took a hiatus in early 2004, not long after the Official YPP launch.
Luvessy returned to YPP with gusto in June 2006 as Mistymate. After sailing for a bit as an independent pirate, she joined the Cookie Pirates, happy to have found a crew that was both fun and active in the present and familiar with the ocean's past. She started playing on the ocean in the spring of 2007 as a member of the crew Blockade Naked.
Luvessy's pirating days began to dwindle in 2010 and she's not commonly sighted at sea these days.

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About the Player

In the real world, Luvessy works as a theatre consultant in the United States and does freelance theatre work (set and lighting design, stage management, and technical production) on the side. She travels regularly, allowing her to meet pirates all over the United States.

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