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The user Jelvik was created in October 2007. • Please dont edit this page, leave a comment on the Talk page!
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30,098 articles exist on YPPedia.
54,818 files exist on YPPedia.
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:: To do
  • Improve quality of pirate, crew, flag, island and building pages.
:: Languages
en This user is a native speaker of English.
de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
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:: Associated Pirates
  • Jelvik Icon-Cobalt Ocean.png
  • Orlik Icon-Cobalt Ocean.png
  • Xeni Icon-Cobalt Ocean.png
  • Xeni Icon-Midnight Ocean.png
  • Xeni Icon-Viridian Ocean.png
  • Zeni Icon-Viridian Ocean.png
  • Desiderata Icon-Viridian Ocean.png
  • Venoa Icon-Sage Ocean.png
  • Aora Icon-Sage Ocean.png
  • Sosie Icon-Hunter Ocean.png
  • Zina Icon-Malachite Ocean.png
  • Vannesam Icon-Opal Ocean.png
  • Xeni Icon-Crimson Ocean.png
:: Licensing
I release all of my contributions to YPPedia, including everything on this user page and all of its subpages, into the public domain. Hence, if you want to use this page's design, or even just the links header design at the top, you are very welcome to do so.

YPPedia contributions

For a full list, see this page.
  • Fixing up every bad, broken, old and lonely page I come across.

Outside Links

Xeni spends a lot of time hosting a Puzzle Pirates help / fan page. You can find tips and tricks to puzzles as well as a full length history of the pirate Xeni.

Also important is Xeni's gallery on Quid Pro Clothes. It is very extensive, and she has owned most of the outfits on there.

About Me

Jelvik was created after she couldn't remember the password to her original Cobalt pirate, Rastar. These days she prefers going by the name Xeni, her main pirate on Viridian.

She created a new pirate on Cobalt, Jelvik, and then created Orlik as her first alt.

About half a year later she moved to Viridian, on Xeni. There she created the alts Desiderata and Zeni.

In the summer of 2009, Xeni decided to branch out to Opal, the ocean of her other native language. Thus Vannessam was created!

Around this time she created pirates on the other dubloon oceans. Mainly as blockade alts (either to XO there, or to participate in blockades).

When Malachite was released, Xeni figured she had an easier chance of gaining the Ultimate Pirate trophy than on Viridian, so she created Zina on there. Sadly, Malachite bored her, so she quickly returned to Viridian. Only recently has she been sighted on Malachite again, helping Matusami run his Sea Monster Hunts.

She also managed to snag the name Xeni on Crimson, when that ocean was opened. The really tight chat filter on there annoyed her too much, so she doesnt play there anymore either.

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