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Who I Am

My name is Irelay (Ire-lay) and I have no nose. I started playing in August of 2004, and have since been with several crews under three flags, Midnight Horizon, Water Sleeps, and Superlemon Krakatoa, where I have remained to this day. I am currently an officer in Dioses Y Demonios. Past crews include The Doubloon Hunters, now defunct, Areds Raiders, Extremely Happy Pirates, and Otherwhen. I have been happily married to Rmarzbarr, governor of Ostreum, since March of 2005.

If you know who I am, chances are you play way too much poker. I also <3 Treasure drop and if you can catch me at sea, I'm probably bilging. I also have an obscene number of portraits.

Who I Am, Really

My name is Alex and I'm a 16-year-old Junior in High School, living in the US. I have a nose.