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Who am I?

Fiddler, Orsino, and a few others... More interested in role-playing nowadays....

Who are we?

The Armchair Pirate
The meeker the man, the more pirate he be,
Snug in his armchair, far from the sea.
He has all the fun and none of the woes,
Masters the ladies and scuttles his foes.
His armchair's his ship and reclined his position,
As he cheats the hangman, hellfire, and perdition.

Roger L. Jackson, Commander U.S. Navy, Ret.

My YPP Wish list

My YPPedia contributions

Wiki things to work on


  • Viridian - tan octopus, drinking, May 9th, ~9:25pm
  • Blurb to send to still-active artists
    • Ahoy,

As you've probably noticed, on the recommendation of Nemo the wiki has slowly been archiving all of the art and avatars that have appeared on the forums over the years. We've already collected quite a bit but there's still a lot to go. As a still-active artist, it would help us tremendously if you would upload your own work to the YPPedia. You can see what has already been accomplished by visiting the [url=]Avatar artists[/url] and [url=]Fan art[/url] category pages. All art is sorted by the forum name of the artist. Instructions for uploading your work, using the wiki templates correctly , and sorting which piece should go where can be found in [url=]this post[/url] in the Mariner's Muse.

Thanks in advance for your help, and I look forward to seeing more of your work on the wiki soon.

Odd decay test

  • Striped shirt, orange belt, lime stripes stripes, ordered 12/30/05 9:10, delivered 1/1/06, 10:20
    • Wearing
  • Striped shirt, red belt, brown stripes, ordered 12/30/05 9:10, delivered 1/1/06, 10:20
    • Holding in inventory
  • Both dusted on 2/15/06, 20:46. Orange rags resulted.

Wow, I actually did that?

  • 6 March 2006 - Won a unit of Kraken's blood while soloing a sloop on Ice.
  • 7 March 2006 - Defeated Admiral Finius on Ice.


[quote="Cire"]I've also accepted that having poe doesn't equal having success.[/quote]

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