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Tomires was a fleet officer of the crew Crimson Allegiance and a member of the flag Rising Phoenix. He sailed the Crimson Ocean.

This pirate has been deleted.


He has started playing YPP in 2005 and has been playing under different names on all the doubloon oceans. He's officershipped countless crewes and owned some sloops. On July 21st he found himself on a deserted island on an unknown ocean. It was Crimson.

Crimson Achievements

  • 7/21 Created a pirate on Crimson.
  • 7/21 Won a first flower trinket in a Treasure Drop tournament.
  • 7/21 Joined the Crimson Allegiance crew.
  • 7/23 Bought a sloop from Dragon's Nest palace.
  • 7/24 Became a fleet officer.
  • 7/25 First pillage commenced on Crimson.
  • 7/30 Subscribed for the Golden Doubloon Club.


  • Buy a sloop. DONE
  • Join a crew. DONE
  • Have fun. DONE