The PoE is Right

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The PoE is Right
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The PoE is Right

Date: TBA
Where: Stevensam's Estate on Kirin Island in the Jade Archipelago on the Cobalt Ocean
Host: Poeroddy


  • Only contestants that show up before the start time have a chance of playing, but all are welcome to stay and watch.
  • There will be tournaments hosted at the house after the event, so stick around until the end!
  • Trivia prizes will be given out throughout the show for the watchers.
  • Nine audience members will get picked to enter the contestant row as the show progresses, but again, only 6 will get to play a major pricing game and 2 go on to play in the final showcase.


  • There are prizes to be won by contestants as well as by spectators.
  • Prizes in past have ranged from a stick to a familiar and have totaled in value of at least 500,000 PoE!