The Deadly Return

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The Deadly Return at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Jhlife
Senior Officer(s) Hollywoodjh, Maccey
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Apocolypse
Founded 27 March, 2010
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Deadly Return is a crew in the flag Apocolypse on the Meridian Ocean.

Public Statement

We are on the return to the top from the darkest deepest seas to take over

Extended Public Statement

Come join the crew and we will have fun messing with the others in the ocean. If you have a ship i will make you officer to start and will go from there.

If you would like to join the crew just talk to an officer and we will be happy to talk about rank and join you to the Deadly Return.

Everyone that choses to join will start out as a pirate unless you have proof that you own a ship then you will be an officer or if higher up officer decide to make you officer .

FO's will be given out after a person has been with the crew for awhile and shows crew involvement .

SO's will be decided on other SO's and Captian and bring alot of involvement to the crew.

Pirate ---- as you join the crew

Officer ---- If you own a ship or have at least 3 broad's in duty puzzles

FO ----- have solid's in most duty puzzles and show progress in crew

SO ----- have solids in all duty puzzles and show progress and lots of involvement in crew or if Captain or other SO's feels you will make a good SO with out the stat requirements.

Captain ----- Maybe someday

The crew has shops on Fintan island so come and support the crew and your flag!!!! If you have a shop and would like the rest of the crew to support it let me know and we will put it in the crew statement for everyone to see.

Apothecary- Fintan island

Loganta Druga Deilealai

Iron Monger- Fintan

Sword of Belatucadros

When you buy dubs with real money your pirate will always be saved. If your pirate goes dorment for a while it will be deleated inless you bought dubs so keep it in mind?

If you have any queastion feel free to ask anyone in the flag and we will be happy to help or answer it the best we can. Pillage

Kyrkan is in charge of Officer training, so if interested spend some time talking to him and he will help you with it

this is the url that will tell you all about running pilly's.

if you would like to get some blockade practice go to they have a blockade simulator that will help get you practice for when we go for a island

Thank You and have FUN!!!!!!!!