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Contributed in-game art by Thalatta

Thalatta is one of the island designers. His design work can be seen at the following islands:

  • Atchafalaya Island, on the Emerald and Opal oceans (as well as on the retired/merged Hunter ocean) - under the name of Skye
  • Matariki Island, on the Emerald and Opal oceans (as well as on the retired/merged Hunter ocean)

He also designed one of the atolls for buried treasure expeditions.

Thalatta primarily plays on Cobalt, where he is part of the crew Burple Punnies in the flag Raiders of the Lost Arch; his alt Champagne is a placeholder captain of the now inactive crew Stark Raving Mad in the flag Dark Asylum.


Thalatta's first pirate was created 23 August, 2003 on Azure and was named Soraz. Soraz was recreated when Midnight opened, and that character has been a member of the crew Black Death since its creation on Midnight. Thalatta was created when Cobalt opened, and was originally a member of the crew Moonstruck Marauders in the flag Hydrophobia. Thalatta was also a member of the flags Polaris and Indestructible Fury before making his home in Stark Raving Mad.

Both Champagne and Skye have been played as "main" characters in the past; Champagne was with Notorious Fandango on Midnight and A Song For The Deaf on Cobalt. In addition to those listed, Thalatta has several characters and alts, on every ocean.


Thalatta is well-known on Cobalt for his alting, and preference for playing female characters. He has been very active in blockades on several oceans at points, though primarily on Midnight and Cobalt. He is a strong proponent of sea battle PVP, and was on the Cobalt OCL Sea Battle season 7 team One Handed Typing as navigator, under the name Medic. He has won multiple carpentry bake offs, and listens to techno while carpenting.

Thalatta is perhaps to be blamed for the extent to which "humping" is used as an emote.

In-game art